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One, two, three... check, check...

Today is the 1st of January but I feel as if it were Christmas day because Listen Now! is my new favourite toy.

Listen Now! is the English version of ¡Escucha esto!, a series that I have been writing and drawing since September 2007. It deals with the miseries that the music world has to face every day. I started by publishing it in the shape of a blog within MTV Spain’s website and from there it ended up being published in print from April 2010 onwards. Since then the weekly spanish humorous magazine called El Jueves hosts each new instalment of the series. In between these two dates the strips were also published in a book in Spain by Astiberri Ediciones. Said book was a compilation of what people had been able to read in MTV Spain’s website.

The idea of returning the series to an electronic format is something that I had been toying with since I started publishing it in El Jueves, since, overall, the internet and the webcomic format is something that suits Listen Now! very well. Thus, from today on, I will be publishing two strips each week, alternating between older ones from the MTV period and the ones that I am currently drawing for El Jueves. And all of them in English. Even though I originally write them and publish them in Spanish, I think that my jokes are sufficiently universal and that people will understand them all over the world. Because of this, and even if some of my faithful Spanish savants might not be able to follow this webcomic, I will hopefully gain many new readers that couldn’t otherwise understand what my characters are saying.

This having been said, sit back, play your favourite record and be prepared to read and discover the view I have of the music world. I promise to bring you laughter and some guffaws. I also have the certainty that you will relate to many of the situations that you will see represented here. Hey, ho, let’s go!

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